When I was a little girl I spent lot of time in a countryside where my family owned a cottage. We came there every weekend during Summer holiday and most of time I´ve trained my neighbor´s dogs. I´ve been taking them outdoors and playing with them. I´ve been also catching the cats. I took them home everytime I was success – even it was strictly forbidden by my parents.

            In time of my adolescence I´ve loved horses. My girl-friend owned a stabling where I worked for a very long time just to have a chance to saddle a most amazing animal in this world. Every ride we were followed by her dogs. They were pittbulls and that was the time I´ve been falling in love for the second time. It wasn´t a year over and I became a proud owner of my own puppy called Sára. From books I read every free time I´ve been getting information (and from breeders of Sara´s mother) just to make no mistake and bring up the steady dog. We´ve spent many hours on dog training courses where we succesully completed the dog handling exam and the defence in which Sara was really perfect.


            She´s great companion and friend for my children.

            Even Sara is evelen, she´s still full of optimism, great condition and health. She loves her family and she would die for it. That´s why I decided to have a puppy of SBT. She´s called Olivie Pink Girl Warriorbull (Shelby). I love their friendly character, intelligence, strenght, selflessness and fidelity. They are simply Dogs with big D.

          And therefore I decided to kennel this amazing breed. This website is dedicated to SBT. Our priorities are the high quality puppies with great character, typical for SBT and also a typical standard of its physique. SIMPLY SBT AS IT SHOULD BE.