Terms of Reservation

When booking puppies from our kennel we take a reservation fee for a puppy either by personal, telephone or e-mail agreement and specification of Terms. This fee must be sent to breeder’s  bank account. The puppy is then reserved just for interested buyer.

Sometimes a handover is canceled for various reasons. If the buyer has canceled the reservation, this booking fee is NOT REFUNDABLE!

However, if the reason for not accepting the selected puppy is another (eg. illness, death, injury, anomaly from the standard, f the buyer has agreed to buy a standard individual at take-over time) or if the reservation is canceled by myself, the fee is returned in full sum. Hernia is not a reason to return the booking fee or reduce the price. If the owner is interested, I will arrange for the removal of the hernia after the third vaccination of the puppy at my own expense through my own Veterinarian.

The remaining part of the agreed price for the puppy is payable at handover time or on another agreed date.

The purchase contract will be signed at the time of handover. Also all information about feeding, vaccination, deworming and care of the puppy will be given.

If the puppy goes abroad, the future owner pays the transport of the animal, vaccination, the veterinary protocol  before he can leave the Czech Republic, from the standard handover time.

If you have any questions, please contact me.